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Effective Male Health Promotion

Effective Methods Of Male Health Promotion

Exactly what parts of health promotion work with men and boys? There are specific practices that encourage men to be involved in health programs and specific actions that will discourage them. So how do you know which ones work? The way that health messages are promoted to males is important. Health promotion is based on aspects of customer services, marketing, service design and understanding how men make decisions.

The Shed in Mt Druitt

The Shed in Mt Druitt, is a drop in centre for people at risk of suicide, originally a space for Aboriginal men in distress, now open to anyone who comes. It is based on the research on the social determinants of health, more specifically, the determinants of distress and suicide; the Shed links people to the services of which they are most in need.

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VicHealth: Health Promotion Strategies - Promoting Gender and Health Promotion

Dept Vic Health 1

This editorial feature from the Victorian Department Of Health reviews a gender-based approach to health and includes case studies of successful programs from around the state for both men and women.

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AIMHS: Men's Health Promotion Kits

aimhs logo Health services and practitioners can take some simple steps toward making their services more male-friendly and accessible to men. When services consider the needs of men and specifically target and reach out to men their services, programs and initiatives can be very successful.

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University Of Aberdeen: A Systematic Review Of Health Promoting Interventions Targeting Men

home 2 Researchers from the University of Aberdeen conducted a review of interventions that focused on men to assess whether they were effective in motivating a change in health behaviours.

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Blueprint for Men's Health - A Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle

mens health blueprint This publication was developed to reach men and their families where they live, work, play, and pray with health prevention tips and strategies as well as the latest information and questions to address with their primary health care provider.

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SACHRU: A Primary Health Care Approach to Men’s Health in Community Health Settings

where mens health This resource offers useful insights and examples of successful primary health care and health promotion in community health settings.

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OzHelp Foundation: Tradies Tune-Up Program

ozhelp The Tradies Tune Up program is a series of health checks directed at men in construction, mining and trades. he tuneup is usually run at locations where tradesman and workers frequent, including hardware stores, mining sites, and other locations.
The program has clearly assisted building and construction workers identify their health issues - and participants support and are enthusiastic about the process...

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Dept of Veterans Affairs: Men's Health Peer Education

DVA The Men's Health Peer Education approach is an effective model of communicating health information to groups of men around improving lifestyles and behaviours.

"The program trains volunteers from all age groups to provide health information to members of the veteran and ex-service community..."

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