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Situational Approach to Suicide Prevention MHIRC - Issue 8

The Situational Approach - A new approach to suicide prevention: This approach acknowledges the predominant association of situational distress, rather than mental illness, with suicide (though in some cases the two are linked), and is principally informed by and responds to risk factors of a broad spectrum of difficult human experiences across the life span. This approach is also mindful of and wherever possible seeks to address: contextual, systemic, and socio-cultural risk and protective factors and determinants: the real world of individuals’ lived experience.

The approach is being promoted by Mengage at MHIRC (WSU) and we welcome the words of the newly appointed National Suicide Prevention Adviser, Ms, Christine Morgan, quoted in the SMH (July 15th) as saying:

"We have to look further upstream, right away from the immediate suicide crisis. Are there things happening to people that we can work on that might stop them. Let's take ourselves outside health and look at some of the other risk factors and see if by addressing those we get some change."

MHIRC runs a drop in centre for Suicide prevention in Western Sydney on this basis and is looking for other projects with this approach.

The Situational Approach Bulletin is published monthly on Mengage.

Contents of this issue:

  1. International confirmation of key tenets of the ‘Situational Approach’
  2. UN statement challenging ‘biomedical model of ‘mental health’
  3. Belgium – Superior Health Council
  4. PsychWatch
  • Latest blogs
  • Seven year old girl on antidepressants


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