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LIFE: Evidence On Suicide And Men


The Life Framework (Living Is For Everyone) is a program based in WA that aims to support people in life with a significant evidence base.

The LIFE Framework is a National Suicide Prevention Strategy project managed by Crisis Support Services on behalf of the Department of Health and Ageing. The project aims to improve access to suicide and self-harm prevention activities in Australia through the promotion of the LIFE resources and website and improve communication between suicide prevention stakeholders in Australia.

This is achieved by providing access to a range of resources and research, including the latest information from National Suicide Prevention Strategy (NSPS) projects.

The resources it provides offer the health sector a useful framework for understanding suicide, implementing suicide prevention programs and collaborating with other government and non-government organisations to reduce the impact of suicide.

Information For Health Practitioners

There is a significant body of research and evidence on the LIFE website. Of particular interest to practitioners designing or implementing local suicide prevention projects are the following:

Resources Available

  • pdfPromoting Good Practice In Suicide Prevention -2.44 MB

    This resource was developed with funding from the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing to support the development and delivery of a wide range of suicide prevention programs and activities aimed at men.

  • Research And Evidence In Suicide Prevention 

    LIFE Research and Evidence includes evidence of what works, trends and comparison in Australia, an outline of Australian and overseas strategies and emerging issues.

  • Factsheet: Suicide And Men 

    Many factors can have a negative effect on men’s emotional wellbeing and increase their risk of suicide. When these factors combine, the risk of suicide increases. This fact sheet provides information on why some men may feel suicidal and what can be done to help prevent suicide.

  • pdfThe LIFE Framework Document -1.60 MB

    This resource provides the full details of the framework including ways that services can become better equipped to deal with suicide and ready themselves for likely client needs.

  • Telephone Chat Transcripts On Suicide & Men With Prof Ian Webster 

    This resource is a transcript of a live chat session held on the LIFE website in December 2009 with Professor Ian Webster AO, one of Australia's leading voices in suicide prevention. The topic was 'men and suicide prevention.'

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