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AIMHS: Menswatch Promoting Male Mental Health & Suicide Prevention

menswatchAIMHS: Menswatch Promoting Male Mental Health & Suicide Prevention A new end-to-end approach to suicide prevention is urgently needed to stem the increasing numbers of male suicides in Australia, and more effective support needs to be provided to men in distress.

"Deaths due to suicide significantly exceed fatalities from motor vehicle accidents and homicides combined."

Mengage is delighted to draw attention to this new initiative on the important issue of male mental health and suicide prevention.

The number of male suicides in Australia have increased from 2522 in 2013 to 2864 in 2014 (ABS 2016). KPMG estimated that the economic cost of male suicide to Australia in 2013 was around 1.482 billion, and the social impact suicide has on families and communities in Australia is devastating.

There is an urgent need to work on understanding the underlying causes for suicide and focus on prevention. The current approach to suicide prevention is ineffective and new strategies and appropriate leadership is needed.

The Call To Action For Preventing Suicides

The AIMHS is inviting corporate partners, sponsors and donors to work together to help establish a comprehensive national male suicide prevention model incorporating mutually complementary and interlinked programs and services. New strategies for suicide prevention need to be:

  • Evidence-based
  • Tailored to men's needs
  • Tailored to practitioners' needs

The AIMHS' targeted evidence based approach includes:

  • Community and Workforce Capacity Building Programs
  • Counselling and Mental Health Support Service
  • Quality Mass Distribution Literature; and
  • Programs Aimed at Mobilising Women

Key Points In The New Approach To Suicide Prevention

1. The new approach considers the social determinants in research and program development rather than just focusing on mental ill-health, such as:

  • Unemployment
  • Relationship Breakdown
  • Financial Difficulties
  • The Lack of Appropriate Services; and
  • Staff Training

2. Research and consultation processes will be broadened and strong recent international research will be reflected in policy planning and program development.

3. Gender differences will be acknowledged to develop effective suicide prevention responses.

4. AIMHS will use their expertise in influencing State and Federal government policy development, program innovation and planning, and funding allocation decisions in suicide prevention. Delivering targeted quality programs, services and resources that respond to the needs of communities and organisations.

For more information about programs and services see the Male Suicide Prevention Australia website


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