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Mid North Coast Local Health District: Blow Away The Smokes Project

smoke The former North Coast Area Health Service has developed this project in response to its region having the highest rate of smoking among Aboriginal people in NSW.

"Communicate reasons to quit smoking that are appropriate for an Aboriginal population..."
It is estimated that up to 59% of Aboriginal people in the Mid-North Coast Local Health District smoke, and so the challenge for local service providers is to promote ways to reduce this rate of smoking to curb later harmful impacts on their health.

The challenge is to find ways to communicate reasons to quit smoking that are relevant and appropriate for an Aboriginal population.

"Blow Away The Smokes" takes the form of a set of resources including engagement of key people, a DVD resource, in-school programs in peer to peer education about reducing smoking exposure from early childhood through to old age.

Key Project Activities And Aims Of The Project:

  • Deadly No Smokes Messages: Youth school-based program making smoke-free messages through creative arts.
  • Blow Away the Smokes DVD: smoking cessation help and education for smokers and their families
  • Aboriginal Maternal Quit Café: An intensive group quit program to support mothers and fathers to quit so reduce risks to infants and families.
  • Give Up The Smokes Quit Cafés are Intensive Smoking Cessation Group Programs for Aboriginal smokers . These will be implemented via train the trainer program for health professional teams in Aboriginal Medical Services and community services.
  • No Smokes North Coast Blow Away the Smokes website for partner and public support

The project aims to:

  • Support a smoke-free culture in Aboriginal communities and disseminate locally made smoke-free messages
  • Raise awareness of the harms of smoking and burden of disease associated with smoking in Aboriginal communities
  • Support Aboriginal smokers to quit smoking and stay quit
  • Reduce exposure of babies and children to parental smoking

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