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'What Makes a Man a Man' Project

what makes a man a man This is a unique, virtual male mentoring program for all Australian men who need support in the community. The program was devised by Agi O’Hara, registered psychologist with over 25 years clinical experience and a visiting lecturer in psychology for the Department of Obstetrics, Gynaecology & Neonatology at the University of Sydney.

'What Makes a Man a Man' Project provides a way of connecting everyday Australian men with a source of men's wisdom, where they may be inspired by, and learn from caring male role models as well as having an understanding of themselves.

We learn from one another by connecting and communicating with each other. Sharing stories and experiences can be very inspiring and teach us valuable lessons. Several well-known and respected Australian public figures have agreed to speak on camera about their lives and the lessons they have learnt about being a man.


This "virtual" mentoring project is a multi-media resource for men of all ages, developed around a collection of "life lessons and reflections" of well-known Australian male public figures. These well-known and respected Australian public profiles come from a variety of professional, sporting and social contexts, including well-known media personalities, and men from Indigenous and culturally diverse communities.

These virtual mentors could in part serve as role-models to men who may be struggling through adversity, unsure of how to get back on track, or lacking a sense of purpose or direction. Others may simply be curious about the lives of successful contemporary older and younger men, known to them through the media. 

Resources Available

  • Angry Anderson (Youtube video 56.51 minutes)

    Interview with Angry Anderson: Singer-Songwriter, Television Personality, Youth Advocate - Topics covered in this video: Child abuse, Forgiveness, Anger Management, Relationships.

  • The Hon. Michael Kirby AC CMG (Youtube video 30.34 minutes)

    Interview with Michael Kirby: Retired High Court Judge - Topics covered in this video: Discrimination, Forgiveness, Acceptance, Respect.

  • What Makes a Man a Man - Interview Highlights (Youtube video 11.53 minutes)

    Highlights from 8 of the interviews (Angry Anderson; Michael Kirby; Terry O'Connell; Dean Daley-Jones; Tony Vinson; Peter FitzSimons; Curtis Palmer; John Bell) for the 'What Makes a Man a Man' virtual mentoring project for men.

  • Psychologist Agi O'Hara believes that men need positive role models. In a series of video interviews 16 well-known and respected men tell their stories and the aim is to inspire, encourage and support men.

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