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COPMI: Family Focus Intervention For Depression

COPMI COPMI has developed this powerful resource on the Family Focus intervention program for guiding families through depression, anxiety and mental illness. Please note that the program requires specific training in order to obtain resources.

"The Family Focus DVD and intervention promote dialogue about the illness..."

The impacts of ongoing depression and anxiety are borne by the whole family. When parents suffer depression or anxiety, it creates an environment where children can sometimes blame themselves or internalise stresses, which can of course create further problems as they grow up.

This program creates a way to open up a dialogue among family members. The DVD footage really portrays the nature of depression and anxiety within family and community structures where work, parenting, business and schooling interact to create points of stress.

The scenes created to show the families experiencing stress are highly emotive and provide a living example of some of the reasons why men may not feel they can discuss their problems with their partners and how their emotions may be projected onto family and community members as anger, withdrawal or aggression.

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