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University of Newcastle: Stayin' On Track

stayin on track A new website has recently been launched to provide mentoring and support for new young dads called Stayin' On Track (2015). These are real stories developed by Aboriginal men for Aboriginal dads, about their experiences of becoming a dad.


Although this website is made by Aboriginal men for Aboriginal dads it applies to all new dads. Becoming a dad can be a wonderful experience but it also has its challenges. Life changes after having a baby, and it is important to try to find a healthy balance between work, looking after the baby and taking time for oneself. Health services need to be designed in ways that respond to new fathers' needs and also support men needing assistance preparing for fatherhood, as having a child is one of the most important events in a man's life.


Stayin’ On Track is a collaborative community-based project where young Aboriginal dads got together from around NSW to talk about what it is really like to be a dad. The stories dads shared centred around themes about:

  • pride in being a father,
  • tough times,
  • culture,
  • the emotions on finding out,
  • feeling down, and role models.

Stayin’ on Track showcases some of these stories and aims to acknowledge dads who are doing great work sharing their insights with other young dads. With funding from Young and Well Co-operative Research Centre, the University of Newcastle NSW, and Microsoft young Aboriginal dads have created an on-line space for dads.

Resources Available

  • Before The Birth (Vimeo Video 4.41 minutes)
    Finding out about the pregnancy and getting ready for fatherhood.
  • The Big Day (Vimeo Video 3.23 minutes)
  • Experiencing the birth of a child and the feelings of becoming a dad.

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