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Queen's University Belfast: "If I Were Jack" - Young Men and Unwanted Pregnancy

Jack This resource provides a useful documentary-style guide for young men navigating the experience of an unplanned pregnancy. Taking the viewpoint of 'Jack', it provides insights into how young men can successfully cope with the challenges of an unwanted pregnancy.

"If I were Jack is designed to be used in the classroom as part of the relationship and sexuality curriculum..."
educational resource includes an interactive video drama (IVD) which tells the story of an unexpected pregnancy from a teenage man’s perspective. It will also contain a training package for teacher trainers, educational materials to assist teachers in using the IVD in the classroom, and web-based educational material for parents.

The resource invites both male and female users to put themselves in Jack’s shoes encouraging them to reflect on the consequences of such a situation in their own lives. The key educational aims of the resource are:

  • to help young men and women improve self-efficacy in communicating about unintended pregnancy
  • to consider the choices they would have to make in such a situation and their potential consequences
  • to gain awareness of the availability of formal and informal sources of help.

About The Approaches Taken By "If I Were Jack"

The major feedback from this research project relates to the type of information provided by the resources.  Users commented that "there is plenty of information about the clinical aspects of pregnancy but much less on dealing with the emotional challenges of the unexpected pregnancy".

These resources have been designed to show young men, their parents, schools and the community about the process of navigating unexpected pregnancy.  It demonstrates the confusion and uncertainty experienced by both partners but being from Jack's point of view, it can help to demonstrate the way that a male works through the processes.

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