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aimhs logo Health services and practitioners can take some simple steps toward making their services more male-friendly and accessible to men. When services consider the needs of men and specifically target and reach out to men their services, programs and initiatives can be very successful.


The Australian Institute of Male Health & Studies (AIMHS) have developed informative men's health brochures and posters for male health promotion. The posters have positive messages for men, and the brochures contain facts about common men's health concerns, for example:

  • Prostate the Facts
  • Depression in Older Men
  • Men and Talking

The kit consists of a mobile stand of 40 high quality full colour brochures, covering topics on health, relationships, and mental health. The kit also includes 8 full colour posters which may be suitable for use in waiting rooms and foyers.

These resources may be useful to community health professionals and services working to promote knowledge of men's health issues or those creating men's health events and health expos.

Resources Available

pdfProstate The Facts -5.05 MB

Information brochure about Prostate health.

pdfDepression In Older Men -4.74 MB

Information brochure about older men and depression.

pdfMen And Talking -5.08 MB

Information brochure about the differences in men's and women's communication styles.

jpgShe Needs You To Be Healthy -307 KB

Poster with message. (JPG)

jpgOur Health Is Our Future -319 KB

Poster with message. (JPG)

jpgSTRESS It's More Than A Feeling It's A Health Hazard -276 KB

Poster with message. (JPG)

jpgWith Regular Health Checks This Can Be Avoided -206 KB

Poster with message. (JPG)

jpgMy Dad Is The Best -207 KB

Poster with message. (JPG)

jpgPrevention Is Always Better Than.. -173 KB

Poster with message. (JPG)

jpgWhat Is The Biggest Cause of Diabetes? -204 KB

Poster with message. (JPG)

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