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Tufts University: Educating Men About Health In The Digital Age

PITCH In the modern era, many men spend inadequate time focusing upon healthy living. However, men are increasingly "connected" by email and mobile Internet devices, which are now commonplace at most socio-economic levels.

"Reaching men electronically could permit effective health education without disrupting busy schedules..."
In the United States, male deaths due to preventable diseases remain significantly higher in men than for women. For example, men are 1.6 times as likely to die from lung cancer compared with women.

Researchers at Tufts University in Burlington, MA undertook a study exploring the use of short videos centered around important male health issues such as weight, prostate cancer, sleep deprivation and colon cancer.

With the widespread adoption of smartphones and web access at most socioeconomic levels, this direct approach can be useful in providing men with health information, as long as the setting is not too personal.

Average email open rates of 30% are above industry norms and there was a very low level of unsubscribes.

This method combines the benefits of low cost communications tools, immediacy and accessibility by the target audience and cut-through.  The ability to directly engage with men is reported as being of great benefit in accessing and engaging men in health.


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