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Andrology Australia: Engaging Men In Primary Care Settings

GP This helpful guide compiled by Andrology Australia with support from BeyondBlue and the Freemasons Centre for Men's Health presents common questions and responses to issues of engaging men in General Practice.

"There is a balance between encouraging men to use GP services and encouraging GPs to run men-friendly services..."

This useful and easy to read factsheet guide offers health services insights and tips to enable a better flow of communication, understanding and engagement between themselves and their patients.

This document is relevant to all health services working with men including general practice, dental services, childhood health, counsellors and many others.

It acts as an effective mythbuster around some of the preconceptions of what men think about health.

And, it is also a good basic guide to customer service, perhaps the most understated aspect of any operation.  While you would prefer your patient did not make return use of these services in some cases, there is still a need for good quality proactive service.


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