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The Samaritans: Men, Suicide And Society: Why Disadvantaged Men Die By Suicide

Men and Suicide Research Report 270912 1 This UK report provides an extensive overview of the many of the factors that lead to a man's suicide, and as such it offers a detailed and extensive overview of causes and factors.

Middle age is often reported as a time of particular stress for men (and women). The combination of rising stresses imposed by dynamics around careers, family, personal life experiences and many other factors can contribute to a feeling of being 'stuck by your choices' - too hard to change direction yet still so much to live for.

The Samaritans report provides a useful analysis of the common determinants of male suicide in disadvantaged males of middle age.

Overview Of Contents

The report examines male suicide in light of:

  • Psychology and personality factors
  • Masculinities
  • Relationship breakdown
  • Emotional lives and social disconnectedness
  • Men in their mid years today
  • Socio-economic position

The report was produced in recognition of the marked trend of suicides being undertaken by middle aged men, which prompted the questions of how to reach them and what communication and intervention strategies worked in this age group.

The report provides several recommendations for services that take a broader approach to suicide prevention, including intervention in younger men to prevent problems ocurring later on.

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