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Situational Approach to Suicide Prevention MHIRC - Issue 16

In this edition of the Situational Approach Bulletin we offer a few thoughts in response to a 2019 Discussion paper published in The Lancet Psychiatry

Social interventions: a new era for global mental health? 


The   recognition   of   the   relationship   between   socio­structural challenges and poor mental health  outcomes has    recently    taken    centre    stage    in    global    health    debates. Both the Lancet  Commission  on  global  mental  health  and  sustainable  development,1  and  UN  Special  Rapporteur   Dainius   Pūras’   report   on  mental   health have   reaffirmed   the   inseparability   of   mental   health   outcomes    from    macro­level    social   challenges    and    inequalities.

Burgess, R. A., Jain, S., Petersen, I., & Lund, C. (2019). Social interventions: a new era for global mental health?. The Lancet Psychiatry(Link)


Covid -19  Support

Men’s Health Week 2020

We offer our comments to suggested interventions for a new era for global mental health

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