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Situational Approach to Suicide Prevention MHIRC - Issue 11

The Situational Approach - A new approach to suicide prevention: This approach acknowledges the predominant association of situational distress, rather than mental illness, with suicide (though in some cases the two are linked), and is principally informed by and responds to risk factors of a broad spectrum of difficult human experiences across the life span. This approach is also mindful of and wherever possible seeks to address: contextual, systemic, and socio-cultural risk and protective factors and determinants: the real world of individuals’ lived experience.

The approach is being promoted by Mengage at MHIRC (WSU)

The Situational Approach Bulletin is published monthly on Mengage.

Contents of this issue:

New Suicide Prevention Australia (SPA) Report confirms the importance of the Situational Approach

Language and the mental illness ideology

Belgium Leadership – challenging the mental illness ideology

It’s Time to Stop Blaming Men for Their Mental Health Woes

Situational Approach to Suicide Prevention MHIRC. WSU Prepared by Anthony Smith; Edited by Shravankumar Guntuku, Read the full article here


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