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AMHF: The Need For Male-Friendly Approaches to Suicide Prevention in Australia...

amhf logo While men account for 75.7% of all suicides, the majority of time, money and energy invested in researching and preventing suicide fails to target male suicide. The Australian Men's Health Forum recommends male-friendly approaches to suicide in Australia.

"Suicide kills six men a day in Australia. It is the leading killer of men and boys under 45 and claims more lives than road traffic accidents..."

Key organisations at Federal and state level are committed to halving the suicide rate in Australia within a decade. The Australian Men's Health Forum (AMHF) states that this may not be possible unless targeting resources at male-friendly approaches in suicide prevention initiatives and utilising the extensive experience and expertise of the men's health and wellbeing sector.

The men's health and wellbeing sector in Australia have seen positive results in health promotion and suicide prevention when using practical, self-directed, problem-solving approaches.


Suicide prevention is one of seven priority areas of the pdfFifth National Mental Health Plan -3.69 MB. It states that "despite ongoing work to improve suicide prevention in Australia" there has been no significant reduction in the suicide rate over the last decade". According to the AMHF one of the key reasons for this may be that it fails to target male suicide. The men's health and wellbeing sector has broad experience and expertise in delivering male-friendly approaches that address social issues affecting men and boys in Australia.

Key information in this resource:

  • Information and statistics on men and suicide.
  • Male suicide and mental health.
  • Using male-friendly approaches to suicide prevention.
  • Examples of successful male-friendly suicide prevention initiatives, programs and services.
  • Indigenous suicide prevention.
  • 10 Recommendations to improve male suicide prevention in Australia.


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