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World Health Organisation's Men's Health Strategy

It is good to see that the World Health Organisation is encouraging us to take men's health seriously. As Peter Baker, Director of Global Action on Men's Health says in this article on the WHO initiative:
Both the report and the strategy are based on a non-medicalised and social determinants approach (they look at the ‘causes of the causes’ of men’s health problems), explore issues of intersectionality (looking at race, sexuality and socioeconomic status as well as gender), and call for a ‘systems-wide’ rather than an exclusively health service response. Importantly, the report and strategy aim not to pathologise masculinity or regard it as inherently ‘toxic’. Nor do they treat men as a single homogenous group. Rather than simply blaming men for their risk-taking or reluctance to seek help, they seek to understand and explain men’s health practices. The strategy also aspires to take an ‘assets-based’ approach that builds on the positive aspects of many men’s experience, knowledge, skills and attitudes to health and wellbeing

The report:

The strategy:


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