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Male Carers
There is a lack of recognition for male carers. According to the ABS in 2009, there were more male carers (54%) than female carers. Male carers need to be supported in their caring roles as they are often juggling work and other commitments. Being a male carer they can potentially become socially isolated, experience lack of adequate social support and suffer from poor mental health.

A study conducted by The Carers NSW shows that carers groups, specifically targeted towards men have proven to be a very beneficial form of support for male carers. This section profiles resources that support male carers and raises awareness of the needs of male carers.

Carers Australia NSW: Male Carer Policy Statement

carers au nswMany men across Australia care for family members or friends, but male carers are not often recognised and may therefore receive less support. Carers NSW aims to increase awareness and recognition of male carers within families, communities, workplaces and service systems.

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Men's Health Forum: More Than Four In Ten Of The UK’s Unpaid Carers Are Male

mhf logoMore than four in ten (42%) of the UK’s unpaid carers are male, dispelling the stereotype that caring is a female issue. The new report 'Husband, Partner, Dad, Son, Carer?' was produced by the Men's Health Forum and Carers Trust and is a survey that highlights the needs of male carers.

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MHIRC: Men's Emotional Experiences of Caring: How Men Do Emotion and Implications For Emotional Support

lynne male carersThis study by PhD candidate Lynne Dowd of MHIRC explores men’s emotional experiences of caring and explain why current models of emotional support do not appeal to many men. It is also challenging the caregiving services to think about how they can cater to a growing number of male carers.

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