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Housing For Health

Shelter is a basic human need and the quality and stability of one's shelter will have a huge impact on health. Men can be at risk from poor access to housing as can women. With rising house prices, rents and utility costs in Australia, the issue of how people are housed is actually affecting health when they have to prioritise between housing and bills, and other essential costs. In this section, we profile resources that inform how men and housing intersect.

National Homelessness Clearinghouse: Supporting Fathers Who Are Homeless

FaHCSIA 3 The Australian Homelessness Clearinghouse is administered by FaHCSIA. Currently little is known about the experience of single fathers who are homeless and their families. Even less is known about their experience of homelessness services and how these services respond to their needs, particularly their needs in relation to their parenting role.

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Homelessness Australia: Homelessness And Men

homeless man Men represent 56% of homeless people in Australia. Key reasons for homelessness are unemployment, financial difficulty and shortage of affordable housing. Among younger men aged 15-24 a common cause for homelessness is family breakdown, and among older males financial crisis and inability to afford housing are common causes.

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