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If lifelong learning is the key to good health, then we had best be clear on some of the practices that help boys engage with learning and education. This section provides resources that have been found to be useful in encouraging boys to stay motivated to learn and to encourage teachers and educators to better understand what motivates boys to engage with learning.

The Learning Partnership: Engaging Boys For Success A Focus On Vulnerable Communities

tlp logo This Canadian study conducted in 2014 in Toronto examines the gender gap in education between boys and girls and gives useful suggestions to address and reduce the gender gap issues in communities nationally and internationally with recommendations to schools, boards of education, communities and government. 

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DEEWR: Resources To Engage Boys In Education

Educating Boys Report The Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations has produced these guides directed at teachers to enhance engagement of boys in learning. The messages from this resource hold some applicable lessons for anyone trying to engage boys and young men in learning settings.

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