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Aust. Psychological Society: The Quiet Crisis - Challenges For Men’s Health In Australia

GP 1 A review of men's health in Australia (August 2012) by By Associate Professor Lina Ricciardelli FAPS, Professor David Mellor MAPS and Professor Marita McCabe FAPS, Centre for Mental Health and Wellbeing Research, Deakin University.

"Males born overseas generally demonstrate better health than the Australian-born population..."
For a good general overview of the state of men's health, the most common factors affecting men and their health, and other useful information, this review in the August 2012 edition of Australian Psychological Society magazine InPsych.

A Broad Approach To Male Health

The article explores some of the common barriers that act to restrict men's usages of health services without attaching fault specifically to either services or to men, but discussing some of the areas where each party could improve.

Value For Practitioners

The article serves as a good general guide to male health, the main populations at risk and some strategies to address these shortcomings.


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