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AMSA: Review Of Research On Men's Sheds And Health

amsa Any review of programs that are delivering success in male health would not be complete without reference to research about men's sheds. In October 2012 there were about 860 men's sheds in Australia, almost double the number from 2010.

Clearly the rise of the Men's Shed movement in Australia has provided a very good example of the kind of program that engages with men and the community and acts as a catalyst for improving men's health.

In many ways the analysis and research of why men's sheds are so engaging and offer opportunities for health improvement have come after the establishment of the movement, so researchers are learning from practices in action what works and why it works.

Dr Barry Golding of the University Of Ballarat has compiled this list of research (as at November 2011) on evidence for effective practices in the context of men's sheds.

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