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Retirement is often referred to as the third age and for men can present either a new opportunity to pursue favourite activities or a time of uncertainty. With the rise of the men's sheds movement, there is a new awareness of the kinds of health issues faced by older men and but this focus has also highlighted the kinds of health-giving environments that are enabling older men to remain engaged with life and healthy.

UWS: Keeping The Balance - Older Men & Healthy Ageing

Older Men Ageing This paper examines factors around what older men consider to be important contributors to health and wellbeing and strategies that older men adopt to meet these needs. It was produced in 2001 for the then NSW Committee On Ageing.

"What do older men consider to be important contributors to their health and wellbeing?..."

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MHIRC: Health After The Workplace - Is Retirement A Health Hazard For Men?

retirement This editorial written in 2008 by Dr Anthony Brown, Adjunct Fellow of MHIRC, Western Sydney University, discusses the key factors that contribute to a healthy and happy retirement as well as the potential challenges faced during the transition from the workplace into retirement.

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