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Healthy Lives As Fathers

The connections between fathering and health are becoming more evident.Becoming a father provides new motivation for many men to start really thinking about their own health so they can live a full and long life to see their children grow up. For men who become fathers at an early age, they must navigate the normal stages of becoming a man as well as the added responsbility of parenting. These resources showcase some of the programs for men as they take on the role of father and parent.

Attachment based parenting program

Circle of Security abbreviatedCircle of Security abbreviated - Attachment-based parenting program

This program will help fathersThis program will help fathersto develop:
• confidence in parenting
• understanding of their child’s needs
• a positive relationship withtheir child.

While course material is designed forthe parents of infants and toddlers,the underlying principles relate toparenting children of all ages.Anglicare group programs are funded throughsources including the Australian GovernmentDepartment of Social Services and NSWDepartment of Communities and Justice.

Thursdays 5 - 26 March 2020 (4 weeks) 6:00pm – 7:30pm
1 Sloane Street, Summer HillThis is a free course. Childcare is not provided.(children under six monthswelcome to attend)

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Relationships Australia: On Being A Dad

on being a dad 1 A useful and easy to understand guide for new fathers by Relationships Australia.

"It has an easy to read style with plenty of relevant information and images..."

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Boston College: The New Dad: Right At Home

stay at home dads This study examines American stay-at-home dads and their families. These couples have made a joint, conscious decision that dad should stay at home and raise the children, allowing Mum to focus on her career.

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PANDA: Resources For Men and Post-Natal Depression

panda logo PANDA is the Post and Ante-Natal Depression Association. PANDA offers a set of factsheets and other resources for men to cope with depression in themselves or their partner around having a baby.

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American Enterprise Institute: Dad and the diploma: The difference fathers make for college graduati

aei logo This brief focuses on one particular dimension of parental investments: paternal involvement in high school. Young adults who as teens had involved fathers are significantly more likely to graduate from college.

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University of Newcastle: Stayin' On Track

stayin on track A new website has recently been launched to provide mentoring and support for new young dads called Stayin' On Track (2015). These are real stories developed by Aboriginal men for Aboriginal dads, about their experiences of becoming a dad.

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The Family Action Centre: Talking To Dads About Bonding

dad bonding child Dads have a good sense of what bonding feels like from friendships and romantic experiences, but they may need information on how to bond with their new baby and establish a connection. This booklet gives new fathers information on how bonding occurs between dad and baby, and how it develops.

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MenCare: The MenCare Parental Leave Platform

mencare logo2 MenCare is calling on governments and employers to adopt parental leave policies that enable equal parental leave for both parents and are paid, non-transferable and adequate in length. These policies encourage men to take on caregiving responsibilities and also promote greater gender equality in society.

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Beyondblue: Dadvice


Dadvice is an online four-part web series for new and expectant dads. Real life stories told by dads for new dads what to expect when becoming a dad. The Dadvice website is also full of useful information and tips on navigating fatherhood.

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Dads At Home Project

dadsathome The Dads At Home Project was a pilot project that ran in the Cronulla region of NSW in 2004. This report outlines its aims and findings, and it offers lessons for people planning other similar dad-focused programs.

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The Family Action Centre: SMS4dads

sms4dads SMS4dads is a new project to keep in touch with dads before and after the birth through their mobile phones. Text messages will be sent to new dads with tips, information and links to other services. The tips in the texts will help a dad connect with his baby and they will also help him be a support for his partner, the mum. Some texts will remind dad to take care of himself.

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KidsMatter: Dads Make A Difference

kids matter logo Fathers can be important for the development of their children, both emotionally and mentally. Fathers who play an active part in their children's lives contribute positively to their children's confidence level, social skills, stress management and emotional skills.

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DadsWA: Hey Dad! Fatherhood For The First 12 Months

153218 1081 DadsWA Online Booklet Page 01 1 Becoming a father can be a challenging time and while most families experience a smooth run, there can be difficulties. This resource provides a guide to the ups and downs of becoming a father.

"DadsWA aims to raise the profile of post-natal depression in new fathers..."

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How Fathers and Father Figures Can Shape Child Health and Wellbeing

father fatherfigs Evidence from a systematic review of 18 studies, indicates that father engagement positively affects social, behavioural, psychological and cognitive outcomes of children. Current literature indicates that fathers play a particularly critical role in fostering social skills and capacity for positive relationships in their children.

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Fathers Sharing Early Parental Support On An Internet Forum

Dads Kids This research looks at Swedish fathers' interactions with health services and the ways in which fathers access support through these services and through web-based platforms.

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CatholicCare Sandhurst: 24-Hour Cotside Assistance - The Baby Manual For Dads

24 Hour Book How do you get dads to overcome the shock of coping with a newborn baby? Give them a model based on what they understand - new car instructions. This useful resource developed by Centacare offers dads an 'instruction manual' for those crucial early days.

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FaHCSIA: New Father Figures And Fathers Who Live Elsewhere


This report investigates outcomes for children who experience a 'new father figure' moving into their home, as well as the effects of having a biological father who does not live with them.

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Australian Institute of Family Studies (CFCA): Same-Sex Parented Families in Australia

cfca logo Around 11 % of gay men in Australia have children. Research is now challenging the belief that gay and lesbian parented families are harmful to children. In fact, research shows that children in gay or lesbian families do as well emotionally, socially and educationally as children from heterosexual families.

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HDHS: Dads To Bee Information Program

Dads 2 BeeProof 1

Hawkesbury District Health Service runs a unique program for fathers-to-be that places emphasis on the needs of men as they approach fatherhood. It provide a useful model for father-centric practice.

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Queen's University Belfast: "If I Were Jack" - Young Men and Unwanted Pregnancy

Jack This resource provides a useful documentary-style guide for young men navigating the experience of an unplanned pregnancy. Taking the viewpoint of 'Jack', it provides insights into how young men can successfully cope with the challenges of an unwanted pregnancy.

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MenCare: A Global Fatherhood Campaign

mencare logo MenCare is a global fatherhood campaign. Their mission is to promote men’s involvement as equitable, non-violent fathers and caregivers in order to achieve family well-being and gender equality.

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Newpin: Supporting restoration of children to their birth parents

newpin logo Newpin is a therapeutic restoration program that supports and empowers families to break the cycle of child neglect and abuse and to provide safe, nurturing environments for children.

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Beyond Blue: Dad's Handbook - A guide to the first 12 months

dads guide This guide gives all new parents information on pregnancy and what to expect, bonding with the new baby, looking after yourself and being there for your partner, accepting help and support from extended family, recognising symptoms of depression and anxiety and seeking help when needed.

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