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COTA: Organisational Resources From The OM:NI Groups

COTA The OM:NI groups offer a useful model for commencing and operating an older men's network. The outcomes from OM:NI are relevant to organisers of other male-oriented groups.

"The principles of OM:NI are a useful model for other men's health checks, social groups and health week events..."
The OM:NI groups offer a useful and effective model for creating male-centric groups and there is a solid body of resources and evidence that support the value of such groups.

OM:NI builds a focus on creating a setting where participating men can feel comfortable and develop trusted friendships with other men in sharing achievements, problems, troubles, and other issues or opportunities.

The model it has achieved is relevant to other groups that are working to engage men of all ages. There is an important emphasis on developing a culture of respect and listening which emphasises the role of the participants over the organisers. Many successful men's programs report that turning over control to the target participants is highly important, rather than trying to control the agenda for them too tightly.

Council On The Ageing (Victoria and New South Wales) offer a variety of useful resources for organisers of OM:NI groups that are also relevant to practitioners organising other men's groups, events or programs. The principles that made OM:NI successful are consistent with that has been reported to work for organisers of men's health checks, social groups, health week events and other male-oriented activities.

  • About mateship, making friends and belonging
  • A place where men share joys, sorrows, hopes and achievements
  • A place where men can build their self-esteem and be respected
  • A group to speak in a non-judgemental way
  • About men’s health and well being
  • Improve the overall health of men
  • Support and help develop more meaningful friendships
  • Share the experiences, knowledge and wisdom of other men

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