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DadsWA: Hey Dad! Fatherhood For The First 12 Months

153218 1081 DadsWA Online Booklet Page 01 1 Becoming a father can be a challenging time and while most families experience a smooth run, there can be difficulties. This resource provides a guide to the ups and downs of becoming a father.

"DadsWA aims to raise the profile of post-natal depression in new fathers..."

While a great deal of emphasis is placed in managing the wellbeing of mothers after birth of their child, there is less emphasis given to what fathers need.

NGALA is a program based in Western Australia that helps up to 40,000 families a year to access help with children, advice and access to professionals.

The DadsWA program is embedded into the organisational culture of NGALA and so provides a good, working example of a service where male-friendliness is part of the culture.

NGALA describes the major objectives of DadsWA as "to work in close consultation and collaboration with other organisations to:

  • Build a collective understanding of the unique and valued position of men in family life;
  • Encourage agencies to be more inclusive of men within the ambit of their services; and
  • Promote collaborative planning and partnerships around research and service provision to families with a particular focus on fatherhood issues.

Men and Post-Natal Depression

NGALA has collaborated with Beyond Blue to raise the profile of post-natal depression in new fathers through the DadsWA booklet and through media coverage.

Whether it arises through coping with a depressed partner or by having depression themselves, the increased focus on depression helps families through difficult times.


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