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Alzheimers Australia (SA): Blokes and Sheds: Meaningful Activities for Men with Dementia

20111021 Nat Pic FistHeart rdax 165x165 The health and wellbeing benefits of sheds for men are well-documented but what happens when a man has to live in an aged care facility? This document explores options for shed spaces within aged care contexts.

Whether they are communal or individual, men's sheds offer men a space of their own, and the health benefits of men's sheds are becoming well known.

To support the physical and mental health of men who develop dementia, aged care facilities could modify some of their spaces to support a shed-like space.


Female Nature Of Aged Care Spaces

The very nature of many aged care facilities is that a large proportion of both patients and staff are likely to be female.  This poses an accessibility issue where the actual needs of males may become overlooked.  Introduction of a shed space offers men the opportunity to obtain solititude and other male companionship.

Men-friendly activities

Men who have had a shed or a space of their own their whole lives benefit from an aged care shed space and the opportunities it provides in maintaining connections to the man's previous way of living and his personal interests.  It can be effective in maintaining a man's ability to remain engaged with life and balance appropriate levels of physical and mental activity.


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