Men’s Health Information and Resource Centre
Resources For Managing Stress

Managing stressful times in life is part of being healthy and the services listed in this section offer resources for men at various points of stress.

Survival Cards by Groupwork Solutions

Sample Survival Cards are a tool for discussions with individuals or groups that name the positive and negative solutions people use to cope with life challenges.

"Survival Cards use a life systems approach to support change in people's lives...."

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ACAHS: Managing The Pressures Of Farming Life Handbook

Farming Pressures The Australian Centre for Agricultural Health and Safety at the University of Sydney has produced this useful checklist and handbook for families to manage stress associated with farming. It is a useful resource for audiences planning for rural men's health.

"The handbook recognises that stress originates from a variety of sources..."

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Lifeline: Toolkit About Men Experiencing Difficult Times

Difficult Times Lifeline have produced this useful handbook for men and their families to cope with difficult periods in life. 

"What works is to communicate with men in a way that enables them to take action..."

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