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Problems with mental health is a complex issue that poses enormous costs on the community but it is frequently maligned and misunderstood. Mental health issues cross over into other health areas including physical and social health and this complexity provides both opportunities and adds difficulty to effectively resolving the illnesses. This section provides practitioners with tools and resources from the sector that help with men's experiences of mental illnesses.

Young and Well CRC: Something Haunting You?

something haunting you An on-line mental health resource targeted towards young men in the ages 15-17 years, giving them the tools to deal with everyday stressors, with a little help from a 'zombie'. In a humorous way this survival guide goes through some of the most common stressors that affect young men of this age group, and provides practical tips on how to overcome them.

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COPMI: Dads Doing It For Your Kids Campaign

dad poster 1 COPMI produces resources for health workers and fathers that promote involvement in family health by fathers. Usually this is based around contexts of family environments managing mental illness but the resources available are useful for engaging fathers in most contexts.

This a set of poster and factsheet resources with supporting video content that promotes the role of an involved father in managing child and personal health within families with a mental illness.

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AIHMS: A 'Situational Approach' To Male Health Literacy

aihms literacy 75x75 The situational approach to mental health literacy is chiefly concerned with the broad spectrum of difficult and challenging life events and human experiences across the lifespan, and how these can be responded to in the most effective way to promote quality of life for individuals, as well as enhancing their capacity to meaningfully participate in and contribute to human community.

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Samaritans: Psychologists Should Lead The Way On Male Mental Health Issues

samaritans There's a need to focus more on male psychology because men are suffering more severe mental health issues than women, more homelessness, their life expectancy is lower, they are much more likely to have accidents and dying at work, and men are three to four times more likely to commit suicide.

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Suicide Prevention Australia: Position Paper On Mental Illness and Suicide

suicideprevention logo 1 This position paper address the link between mental illness and suicide. Mental illness is considered to be a correlated but not causative factor in suicide, so it becomes important when addressing suicide through program and policy implementation to be clear on the link between mental illness and suicidal behaviours. 

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Inspire Foundation: Counting the Cost - The Impact of Young Men’s Mental Health

Inspire This report analyses the resultant cost and impact on the Australian economy, highlighting the threat to productivity from poor mental health among young men. 

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Beyond Blue: Man Therapy Evaluations

dr ironwood

Beyondblue’s Man Therapy campaign was developed to improve men’s wellbeing and reduce the higher rate of suicide among men in Australia compared to women. 
Man Therapy provides men with three key learnings:

  • Know the signs.
  • Know the range of treatment options.
  • Develop an action plan.

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