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Eating Disorders

It is estimated that nearly 10% of boys and men will have some kind of eating disorder and the prevalence of these disorders is impacted by cultural ideals of masculinity and body image. There has traditionally been little understanding of men who are affected by eating disorders as the it is viewed as a 'female' issue but with new programs there will be increased focus on how services can become more active in recognising that men can be affected.

National Eating Disorders Collaboration (NEDC): Eating Disorders in Males

nedc logo A common misconception is that only females are affected by eating disorders. Large population studies have estimated that up to 25% of people suffering Anorexia Nervosa or Bulimia Nervosa are male, and nearly an equal number of males and females suffer from Binge Eating Disorder. Due to cultural stigma and under diagnosis the number of male sufferers of body dissatisfaction may be higher than estimated.

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Butterfly Foundation: Men and Eating Disorders

logo The most common perception of eating disorders is that they only affect women. In fact, around 10% of cases of eating disorders are in males and there are several factors behind a rise in recorded cases.

"Up to 15% of cases of Bulimia are recorded in males..."

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