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Male Incontinence Resources

Incontinence affects many men and is often associated with surgery for bowel or prostate cancer. This section outlines resources that examine the occurrence of incontinence in males and how services can become better equipped to handle men with this issue.

Continence Foundation Of Australia: A Guide For Men Undergoing Prostate Cancer

Guide For Men The Continence Foundation has produced this guide for men who have had prostate surgery on managing the effects of continence and related urinary problems that can result.

"Most men find it highly embarrassing and difficult to talk about incontinence, even with their partners..."

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National Continence Strategy: Resources For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Men About Continen

atsi cONTINENCE The Federal Government has produced resources directed at Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men about managing aspects of continence which make useful health promotion resources in many contexts.

Creating healthy environments for Aborioginal and Torres Strait Islander men can also mean providing information and education. When continence problems occur, they can be a source of significiant shame, stress and social isolation for affected men and their families.

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