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Ben Joseph is the host of the Social Work Discoveries podcast.

This page lists podcasts by Ben Joseph that will focus on Men and Boy's Health. 

Building Young Men group mentoring program - Podcast

Rites of Passage and the Building Young Men group mentoring program with Dr Arne Rubinstein and Brad Waugh. Listen Podcast here

In this episode, you’ll hear from CEO and Founder of the Rites of Passage Institute Dr Arne Rubinstein, alongside the General Manager of Panthers on the Prowl (the community development arm of the Penrith Panthers Rugby League Club) and co-founder of the Building Young Men group mentoring program, Brad Waugh.

Our guests discuss their experience in working with men & boys in their communities and highlight what it is that they feel is integral for success when working in this sector of community development and social change.

We hope you enjoy the conversation! 

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Men's Health Podcasts - by Dr Dr John Hunter

Understanding Indigenous Methodologies with Dr John Hunter: Learning survival, sustainability, and healing through community. 

This episode was recorded in collaboration and partnership with the Men’s Health, Information, and Research Center (MHIRC) based at Western Sydney University. It is the second installment of conversations with social researchers looking into the health and wellbeing of men and boys.

This week we were lucky enough to be able to yarn with Dr John Hunter of the Gamilaraay & Wiradjuri people, and working at Macquarie University, who focuses his research and practice in Indigenous Methodologies through Community Based Action Research. His focus in today’s conversation is ‘Learning survival, sustainability, and healing through community. There could not be a more important moment for us to listen to John’s perspective here. Read more and listen to the podcast here

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Street Art, Researching Men & Boys, and Social Determinants of Health with Dr Neil Hall

Street Art, Researching Men & Boys, and Social Determinants of Health with Dr Neil Hall.
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We heard from Neil last episode for the 1 year anniversary of the podcast, and we are very happy to have him back on the podcast for today’s social work research discussion.

Today, Neil and Ben explore Neil's research work with a street art project in the Blue Mountains (one hour’s drive west of Sydney, Australia). Ben also spends some time asking Neil about his perspectives on conducting research in the area of Men & Boy’s Health.

You’ll hear Neil discuss his thoughts on a Social Determinants of Health perspective for health and welfare, as well as get an insight into what drives him to conduct the social work research that he does.

We hope you enjoy! Thanks for listening.

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Men's Health Podcasts - by Dr Dr John Gilroy

This is the first in a series of Men’s Health related interviews. In today’s conversation we look into many of the intersections of research, social work, activism, disabilities, Indigenous perspectives, which are all interconnected in the life and work of Dr John Gilroy (Assoc Prof at Sydney University). Listen here

Please Note: Several of the names mentioned throughout this interview have been edited in an effort to respect privacy.

This is a great yarn, we hope you enjoy!


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Social Work and Participatory Action Research with Dr Neil Hall

This episode you’ll hear all about Social Work Research & Participatory Action Research with Dr Neil Hall from Western Sydney University.

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