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Populations Of Males: Reviews and Evidence Bases

The following organisations have compiled detailed reviews of specific populations of males that are useful in forming an overview backed by data on the status of different populations ands groups of men and boys.

AIHW: A Snapshot Of Men's Health In Regional And Rural Australia


This 2010 report outlines the health status and health challenges for men living in regional and rural contexts in Australia. 

Men living in regional and remote Australia face a different set of health challenges to urban men. This 2010 report provides a profile of this population of men and outlines the health challenges they face.

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AIHW: The Health Of Australia's Males Report 2011

2011Report The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare produced this report to coincide with Men's Health Week 2011 and it outlines the state of health of Australian men up to June 2011.

"Nearly half of Australian males have ever had a mental condition, one-quarter have a disability and one-third have another chronic health condition..."

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VicHealth: Men's Health And Wellbeing Strategy Background Paper

Dept Vic Health 1 This report brings together a broad range of information to provide the first comprehensive picture of the health and wellbeing of Victorian men and boys.

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Aboriginal HealthInfoNet: Review of Male Aboriginal Health

HealthInfoNet Logo The HealthInfoNet is based at Edith Cowan University in Western Australia. This review by Dr Neil Thomson and colleagues provides a detailed summary of the health factors and status of Aboriginal men in Australia.

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Aust. Psychological Society: The Quiet Crisis - Challenges For Men’s Health In Australia

GP 1 A review of men's health in Australia (August 2012) by By Associate Professor Lina Ricciardelli FAPS, Professor David Mellor MAPS and Professor Marita McCabe FAPS, Centre for Mental Health and Wellbeing Research, Deakin University.

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Australian Institute of Family Studies: ‘Ten to Men’ - The Australian Longitudinal Study on Male Health

The Ten to Men study is the all-male longitudinal study with nearly 16 000 participants from 10-55 years that aims to increase knowledge of the factors that influenAIFSce men's health with specific focus on the social determinants of health.

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AMHF: Male Health In Australia - A Call For Action

AMHF logo 1 Associate Professor Gary Misan PhD prepared this resource for and on behalf of the Australian Men's Health Forum, outlining the current health status and health challenges for men in Australia.

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The Modern (Aussie) Man White Paper

modern au man The study is the result of eight months of one-to-one interviews with 140 men. Seventy of who are an assortment of high profile leaders from media and marketing*, business, military, academia, sport and philanthropy. The other 70 were drawn from everyday men from all over Australia.

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AIHW: The Health Of Australia's Males 2012 - A Focus On Five Population Groups


Released in June 2012, this annual snapshot of the status of Australian male health focuses on five population groups that experience the most health issues.

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Harvard Dept of Psychiatry: Harvard Study of Adult Development

harvard This study is one of the most comprehensive longitudinal studies in history spanning nearly 80 years, examining the question of what is likely to make us happy and fulfilled.

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European Men's Health Forum: A Review Of Policy and Progress Around The World

11countries 1

In Spring 2009, the EMHF published a worldwide review of male health policies and programs, seeking to evaluate the different approaches used in different countries to address the challenges of male health.

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