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The Shed Stories - In Our Words

There is power in a story. A story affects the person hearing it and the person telling it. Epstein & Grey (2011)[1] tell us that stories not only allow people to share their experiences with others, but also assist us to understand ourselves, explain challenging situations and form friendships. 

Read the full stoires here. The Shed Stories (1MB)

[1] Epstein M & Gray F, 2011, Speaking Our Minds: A guide to how we use our stories, Melbourne: Our Consumer Place

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BeyondBlue: Men's Sheds in Australia: Effects on Physical Health and Mental Wellbeing

mens sheds au BeyondBlue and the Australian Men’s Shed Association are seeking an evaluation that will focus on the effect of Australian Men’s Sheds on the lives of its members. 

"Men's Sheds... are all thought to offer social, emotional and other benefits to men who participate in them..."

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The Shed in Mt Druitt

The Shed in Mt Druitt, is a drop in centre for people at risk of suicide, originally  a space for Aboriginal men in distress, now open to anyone who comes. 

It is based on the research on the social determinants of health, more specifically, the determinants of distress and suicide; the Shed  links people to the services of which they are most in need.

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Nurmi et al: Older Men's Perceptions of the Need For and Access to Male-focused Community Programmes

movember 1 Study examining the need for and accessibility to male-focused community programmes in Canada, such as Men's Sheds. 

"This study contributes to a body of research aimed at better understanding the need for male-focused community programmes, and possible barriers to participation..."

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AMSA: Review Of Research On Men's Sheds And Health

amsa Any review of programs that are delivering success in male health would not be complete without reference to research about men's sheds. In October 2012 there were about 860 men's sheds in Australia, almost double the number from 2010.

Clearly the rise of the Men's Shed movement in Australia has provided a very good example of the kind of program that engages with men and the community and acts as a catalyst for improving men's health.

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MHIRC: The Shed in Mount Druitt

the shed The Shed in Mt Druitt is a suicide prevention centre focusing on disadvantaged men, in particular Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men, who experience the worst health outcomes of any population in Australia. The Shed is a male-friendly space where males can share their stories in a non-judgemental environment that accepts them. 

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