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Road Safety

Understanding how to engage men in road safety will pay enormous dividends in reducing the heavily-male-biased road toll in Australia. With 1288 lives lost in the year to June 2011 of which 939 were male, there is clearly a heavy bias towards the impact on male life expectancy compared to females. These resources aim to showcase what is being done to address this outcome and provide information that helps practitioners to better engage men in safe driving practices.

RTA: Young Men and The Pinkie Campaign

Pinkie The Roads and Transport Authority's 'Pinkie' campaign is one example of a program that actually achieved improvements in young males' behaviour on the roads.

"85 per cent of drivers involved in fatal speeding crashes are males..."

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WHO: Gender And Road Traffic Injuries

road traffic The World Health Organisation has produced a factsheet on the relative incidence of road traffic injuries and mortality which indicates that road injury rates are highly gendered.

"Globally, almost three times (2.7) as many males as compared to females die from road traffic injuries..."

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