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Drinking & Alcoholism

A study by the pdfDepartment of Health and Ageing revealed that the direct cost of alcohol abuse was around $15 billion per annum. Alcohol abuse has many flow-over effects into other areas of health with a particular effect on male suicides, road safety, domestic violence and hospital admissions. This section profiles specific resources that aim to reduce male impacts from drinking and alcohol abuse and provide strategies that work in engaging males in safe and responsible alcohol consumption.

Flinders University: Alcohol-Related Injury And Young Males


This report aims to describe what is known about the occurrence of alcohol-related injury (ARI) in young males, to outline current knowledge about reducing ARI in young males and to highlight important gaps in the data.

This research provides a comprehensive overview of the interactions between young males and alchohol-related injuries.

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Suicide Prevention Australia: Position Paper On Alcohol, Drugs and Suicide Prevention

suicideprevention logo This document is Suicide Prevention Australia's position on the interaction between drugs, alcohol and suicide. It is acknowledged that the presence of alcohol and drugs can heighten the likelihood of suicide or suicidal feelings. 

"The recognition of AOD abuse as a mental illness remains poorly understood by the public and policy makers..."

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