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Accessible Health Care For Men & Boys

Practitioners are becoming more and more aware that part of the battle to get men to use health services is about creating services that are responsive and open to the way that men understand and interact with health and wellbeing.

These resources provide insights into good practice ideas and concepts that improve the ability of men to access services in an effective way.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Men's Health Plan 2015-2020

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) men suffer significant health disparities compared to non-indigenous men. Health services can improve accessibility by implementing culturally appropriate services that consider the needs of indigenous men.

Andrology Australia

Andrology Australia: Barriers and Enablers to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Access to Health Care

This guide identifies barriers to health service use for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and provides recommendations for improved access to health services. It also includes health promotion activities to encourage health service participation.

Men's Health Resource Kit 1: Practitioners’ Guide to Accessible Health Care for Men

MHIRC: Resource Kit 1: Practitioners’ Guide to Accessible Health Care for Men

This guide is intended to assist those working in health services where males are one of their client groups or the main client group. The information and tools in this guide will assist in improving men and boys’ access to services.

Bringing In The Blokes Book

LinkWest: Bringing In The Blokes: A Guide to Attracting And Involving Men

What are the strategies best used to attract men into community and neighbourhood centres? This booklet produced by Learning Centre Link and the Western Australian Government Department For Community Development outlines ideas on how to better engage with men.

Men and Doctors

Andrology Australia: Engaging Men In Primary Care Settings

This helpful guide compiled by Andrology Australia with support from BeyondBlue and the Freemasons Centre for Men's Health presents common questions and responses to issues of engaging men in General Practice.

Man at the General Practitioner's Office

University of Adelaide: What Do We Know About Men’s Help-Seeking & Health Service Use?

This paper sheds some valuable insight into the patterns of behaviour of men and their families using services. The paper reveals that men approach health services with a distinctly different approach to that of women and that in some cases, services are not fully equipped to provide for the needs of men in comparison to women.

Men's Health Services

Men's Health Services: Making Your Practice Men Friendly

This article is reproduced from the South-Eastern News from September 2011. It describes a proven approach to making general practice accessible to men.

A male client of the MHERV Van on the left and Andrew Whale from Western New South Wales Local Health District on the right

MHERV: The Men's Health Educational Rural Van

MERV is a mobile, men’s health check up and information service. The modified van travels to men’s workplaces and community sites.

Men's Health Forum

Men's Health Forum UK: Best Practice Guide - How Male Health Can Be Enhanced Through Community Pharmacies

This project was funded in 2007 to understand what works and why in encouraging men to make better use of pharmacies and identify potential barriers to better health for men.


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