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Domestic Violence Domestic violence as an issue is nearly always conveyed in terms of men's violence against women. But it becomes a men's health issue when it results in separation of couples, or when it is examined in terms of same-sex relationships or in terms of intimate ... 1/19/2012 9:59:22 AM
Introduction We often see and hear of domestic violence against women in the media, but what we don't hear much about is domestic violence against men. Although there is little statistical data recording men as victims, it is something that happens in Australia and the world...
8/18/2015 10:32:56 AM
  Up to a third of victims of sexual assault and abuse is male (perhaps as many as one in two)...   The issue of men as victims of domestic violence is gaining awareness in the community. There is room for a balanced approach to violence that doesn't downplay the fact ...
9/24/2012 11:35:47 AM
  Considerable work is needed to enable services to become ready and able to handle SSDV...   Domestic violence in same-sex couples (SSDV) is an aspect of men's health that receives little focus but it is an important issue. The dynamics of power and control in same-se...
9/24/2012 12:49:13 PM
There has been a trend towards active engagement and involvement of men in programs to address other men's violence against women. The author examines the background of these programs and offers evidence about the processes of working with men in this setting. The author out...
9/24/2012 10:16:15 AM
Social Violence 7/23/2015 1:56:45 PM
Overview James Macready-Bryan was assaulted in the Melbourne CBD on 13th October 2006 while out with friends celebrating his 20th birthday. James, or MB as his friends call him, was knocked to the ground by a one-hit punch, his head smashed against the pavement and he suffer... 8/7/2015 11:31:41 AM
  Our main objective was to gather data to guide policy makers and service providers in improving services to male victims of intimate partner abuse...   Violence against men and boys at the hands of their own partners is a highly under-explored area and one that is ...
2/18/2013 2:37:52 PM
Drinking & Alcoholism A 2004 study by the Department of Health and Ageing revealed that the direct cost of alcohol abuse was around $15 billion per annum. Alcohol abuse has many flow-over effects into other areas of health with a particular effect on male suicides, road ... 11/18/2011 11:30:19 AM
    Caseworkers should recognise and take into account the diversity of fathers......   Brighter Futures is a program designed to provide early intervention services for families likely to be affected by domestic problems that may later escalate into child protection ...
3/5/2013 12:59:20 PM
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