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Studies show that qualities that make good fathers are not related to sexual orientation or gender. Factors that affect children's positive development and wellbeing include strong family relationships and the family's social and economic resources. The risk factors  associat...
10/19/2016 11:11:17 AM
  These approaches can improve the way that men as partners and fathers work within the family setting...   Many service providers ask about the most effective ways to engage men, especially in family contexts where there is significant potential for positive outcomes...
8/14/2012 3:34:42 PM
  Male friendship groups may have a particular part to play here, as may men prepared to talk about their personal experience of mental health problems...   The publication is divided into seven sections described as follows: Treating men as individuals Gender is per...
8/14/2012 12:32:11 PM
    The project aimed to promote positive mental health among young men and to assess the efficacy of these approaches...   Suicide of young males has always been an issue in Ireland and like many countries, a disproportionate number of young males suicide compare...
2/12/2013 10:18:59 AM
  Services that were most successful at engaging with fathers were specifically tailored for men and were exclusive to fathers...   The Stronger Families and Communities Strategy (SFCS) 2004-2009 is an initiative of the Australian Government Department of Families, Hou...
7/10/2012 2:56:26 PM
  Part of providing pro-active, community level service provision should be embedded in manifestly non 'mental health' contexts...   The trend of male suicides in Northern Ireland follows a pattern that is consistent with that has been experienced in Australia.  Suici... 8/10/2012 11:15:18 AM
Overview The Harvard Study of Adult Development study tracks the lives of two cohorts of men, the first one follows the lives of 268 men who entered college in 1938 through war career, marriage and divorce, parenthood and grandparent hood, and old age. The second group were ...
9/19/2017 12:32:01 PM
A Review Of Male Deaths By Suicide Suicide is perhaps the most gendered health issue with a proportion of around four males for every female. The issues and contexts of suicide are complex and it is a product of many factors which makes it a difficult problem to address. The... 11/18/2011 11:48:04 AM
Social Determinants of Health The social determinants of health (SDH) are the conditions in which people are born, grow, work, live, and age, and the wider set of forces and systems shaping the conditions of daily life. These forces and systems include economic policies an... 6/11/2015 2:04:50 PM
Early Childhood Health A good start in life is important for the development, health and well-being of boys. Positive childhood experiences will help shape and build health later in life. This section highlights programs and initiatives that address boys' health and well-bein... 7/11/2012 3:06:40 PM
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