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Man Therapy is a website for the 5.5 million Australian men aged 18 to 54. In particular, the site aims to reach young men aged 18 to 24, fathers aged 25 to 54, men living and working in urban growth areas, men living and working in regional and remote areas, men who are... 3/5/2014 11:16:50 AM
Mental Health Problems with mental health is a complex issue that poses enormous costs on the community but it is frequently maligned and misunderstood. Mental health issues cross over into other health areas including physical and social health and this complexity provides b... 8/9/2012 10:55:35 AM
Overview Stepping around the feminist minefield that stops academics, politicians and everyday men from saying what they really think, this research says what every man is thinking. Through their words and perceptions the Modern (aussie) Man White paper was released as part ...
2/21/2014 8:34:40 AM
'What Makes a Man a Man' Project provides a way of connecting everyday Australian men with a source of men's wisdom, where they may be inspired by, and learn from caring male role models as well as having an understanding of themselves. We learn from one another by connectin...
9/11/2014 11:36:41 AM
In 2014, there are approximately 950 men's sheds around the country and the movement has proven so successful that it has become an accepted model for meeting the needs of older men's health and wellbeing. The Riverstone Men's Shed is one example among many that has successf...
9/26/2012 2:51:38 PM
Gender Equality Regardless of whether you are a man or a woman you should have the same access to opportunities, receive equal treatment and not be discriminated against based on gender. 9/29/2014 2:51:02 PM
Diabetes Diabetes is a very preventable condition that is strongly correlated with socioeconomic status. Diabetes Australia estimates that around 4.9% of males and 3.9% of females are affected by diabetes. Diabetes is heavily influenced by lifestyle factors so it is connecte... 12/22/2011 11:13:56 AM
Middle age is often reported as a time of particular stress for men (and women). The combination of rising stresses imposed by dynamics around careers, family, personal life experiences and many other factors can contribute to a feeling of being 'stuck by your choices' - too ...
11/19/2012 2:19:22 PM
Whether they are communal or individual, men's sheds offer men a space of their own, and the health benefits of men's sheds are becoming well known. To support the physical and mental health of men who develop dementia, aged care facilities could modify some of their spaces ...
8/15/2012 4:53:51 PM
  Men need time and space to formulate responses to personal questions...   An important aspect of improving men's health from a social perspective is to improve the ability of medical services to take into account circumstances in a man's life that may influence hea...
12/22/2011 12:02:42 PM
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