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  Child and family services are often seen as places devoted primarily to supporting women...   This Practice Sheet summarises and builds upon the findings from the Engaging Fathers study (Berlyn, Wise, & Soriano, 2008). It provides ideas for practitioners and policy-m...
7/10/2012 3:55:05 PM
Joseph Fleming graduated in 1995 from the University of Western Australia with a Bachelor of Social Work (post-graduate) with the majority in child protection, adult and youth mental health, tertiary education and corrections. As a result of his practice, Joseph had develope...
6/12/2014 10:49:27 AM
Healthy Lives As Fathers The connections between fathering and health are becoming more evident.Becoming a father provides new motivation for many men to start really thinking about their own health so they can live a full and long life to see their children grow up. For men... 7/11/2012 3:07:23 PM
  Some people say like father like son. But I think they are wrong. Like father like daughter. I’m exactly like my Dad. Not in looks. In personality. We both like fishing and picnics.” Emma (Year 6).   Although this resource is from the UK, it can apply to any school s...
3/17/2017 2:21:42 PM
  Services that were most successful at engaging with fathers were specifically tailored for men and were exclusive to fathers...   The Stronger Families and Communities Strategy (SFCS) 2004-2009 is an initiative of the Australian Government Department of Families, Hou...
7/10/2012 2:56:26 PM
  Many services are, by default, geared up to meeting the needs of 'children and families' which tends to exclude men and dads...   A key challenge for many service providers is understanding and actioning the appropriate ways to reach out, engage and communicate to me...
5/21/2012 3:52:56 PM
Introduction This is a great program and deserves to be copied throughout the country One of its good aspects is that, in the light of the appeal for "Male-friendly" health services by the National Male Health Policy it recommends not just more action from the fathers but...
10/27/2015 9:04:38 AM
    Caseworkers should recognise and take into account the diversity of fathers......   Brighter Futures is a program designed to provide early intervention services for families likely to be affected by domestic problems that may later escalate into child protection ...
3/5/2013 12:59:20 PM
Overview The term 'father' in this guide reflects the different ideas, responsibilities, duties, and activities that men play today in family life. In contemporary society, a father can be both biological and social and described as the significant male role model in a child...
7/16/2014 12:20:46 PM
  Information provided during pregnancy needs to filter through not just to expecting mothers but to the fathers. Access to information about fatherhood needs to happen earlier, needs to be father-specific, and must be delivered directly to the father..   ...
8/1/2017 11:27:00 AM
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