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Health Equity and Inequality

Health is inherently unequal, at least in modern society. Improving gender equality means raising the standards of both males and females upwards and to do this a collective and community-driven response is needed.

Resources in this section offer examples of programs that are seeking to address gender equality by engaging and involving males.

World Health Organisation: Engaging Males

World Health Organisation: Engaging Males In Changing Gender Based Inequity In Health

A review of programs undertaken by the World Health Organisation in engaging males in gender-based health.

Plan International: Because I Am A Girl (But What About The Boys?)

Plan International: Because I Am A Girl (But What About The Boys?)

Promoting gender-equality should start at a young age, according to Plan International. This resource provides an overview of the principles behind engaging boys and girls in gender equality.

NSW Ministry Of Health

NSW Ministry of Health: Gender Equity In Health

This resource from 2003 provides a useful guide to promoting equity for both men and women in the workplace.


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