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Relationships Australia: Men And Separation - Navigating The Future

Separation can be a highly traumatic process for both men and women. This booklet provides a guide for men going through divorce or separation, offering a resource that can help them manage the trauma more effectively.

Men And Separation - Navigating The Future


Separation can be a trigger point for depression and mental illness ...

Separation poses a major challenge for any couple.  For men it can often come unexpected if there has not been an open and frank dialogue about the health of the relationship.

This guide offers practical advice for men whose relationship is ending. It seeks not to downplay the pain and challenge of separation but offers useful and useable information on adapting to a new life.

Health professionals recognise that separation can be a trigger point for depression, mental illness and suicide so actions that helps the profession or individuals to adjust in a more positive way will provide important health benefits.

Importantly, the booklet provides advice on systemic matters outside of the relationships such as dealing with authorities, gaining a mutually beneficial settlement and handling children and fatherhood.

These are important matters which can pose stresses and challenges on top of the relationship with the ex-partner as well.

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