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Reachout: Building On Your Strengths

Many young men are increasingly concerned about body image and some are perhaps taking the goals of building muscle and physical fitness to extremes. Reachout offers these resources to develop more balanced approaches based on personal 'strengths'.

Building On Your Strengths

Building On Your Strengths. Image c/o


Men are increasingly accustomed to messages about looking after their physical wellbeing through actions such as regular exercise, healthy food intake and other aspects of health for the body.

There are also established programs for managing mental health focusing on depression, stress, anger and other manifestations of mental health issues.

There has however been much less debate about the fine line between appropriate health actions and excessively pursuing those actions. One example of this is 'Bigorexia' where the focus on healthy physical status goes too far and creates issues around male body image.

Campaign Resources From

Partially in response to this issue, has produced a collation of resources that use this idea of 'strengths' as an engaging way to encourage individuals to find and remember what they are good at. In promoting approaches that capitalise on the positive traits that a man brings, they aim to reduce the need for unhealthy and excessive focus on purely physical traits.

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