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Healthy Lives As Fathers

The connections between fathering and health are becoming more evident.Becoming a father provides new motivation for many men to start really thinking about their own health so they can live a full and long life to see their children grow up.

For men who become fathers at an early age, they must navigate the normal stages of becoming a man as well as the added responsbility of parenting.

These resources showcase some of the programs for men as they take on the role of father and parent.

NGALA DadsWA Booklet

DadsWA: Hey Dad! Fatherhood For The First 12 Months

Becoming a father can be a challenging time and while most families experience a smooth run, there can be difficulties. This resource provides a guide to the ups and downs of becoming a father.

KidsMatter: Dads Make A Difference

Fathers can be important for the development of their children, both emotionally and mentally. Fathers who play an active part in their children's lives contribute positively to their children's confidence level, social skills, stress management and emotional skills.

The Family Action Centre: SMS4dads

SMS4dads is a new project to keep in touch with dads before and after the birth through their mobile phones. Text messages will be sent to new dads with tips, information and links to other services. The tips in the texts will help a dad connect with his baby and they will also help him be a support for his partner, the mum. Some texts will remind dad to take care of himself.

Dads At Home Project

Dads At Home Project

The Dads At Home Project was a pilot project that ran in the Cronulla region of NSW in 2004. This report outlines its aims and findings, and it offers lessons for people planning other similar dad-focused programs.

Beyondblue: Dadvice

Dadvice is an online four-part web series for new and expectant dads. Real life stories told by dads for new dads what to expect when becoming a dad. The Dadvice website is also full of useful information and tips on navigating fatherhood.

MenCare: The MenCare Parental Leave Platform

MenCare is calling on governments and employers to adopt parental leave policies that enable equal parental leave for both parents and are paid, non-transferable and adequate in length. These policies encourage men to take on caregiving responsibilities and also promote greater gender equality in society.

The Family Action Centre: Talking To Dads About Bonding

Dads have a good sense of what bonding feels like from friendships and romantic experiences, but they may need information on how to bond with their new baby and establish a connection. This booklet gives new fathers information on how bonding occurs between dad and baby, and how it develops.

University of Newcastle: Stayin' On Track

A new website has recently been launched to provide mentoring and support for new young dads called Stayin' On Track (2015). These are real stories developed by Aboriginal men for Aboriginal dads, about their experiences of becoming a dad.

American Enterprise Institute: Dad and the diploma: The difference fathers make for college graduation

American Enterprise Institute: Dad and the diploma: The difference fathers make for college graduation

This brief focuses on one particular dimension of parental investments: paternal involvement in high school. Young adults who as teens had involved fathers are significantly more likely to graduate from college.

Post and Ante-Natal Depression Association

PANDA: Resources For Men and Post-Natal Depression

PANDA is the Post and Ante-Natal Depression Association. PANDA offers a set of factsheets and other resources for men to cope with depression in themselves or their partner around having a baby.

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