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MenCare: A Global Fatherhood Campaign

MenCare is a global fatherhood campaign. Their mission is to promote men’s involvement as equitable, non-violent fathers and caregivers in order to achieve family well-being and gender equality.



The MenCare campaign is coordinated by Promundo and the Sonke Gender Justice Network in collaboration with the MenEngage Alliance. The Campaign Coordinators provide technical assistance and training to organisations that want to launch their own MenCare campaigns.

Through media, evidence-based program development and advocacy, they work at multiple levels to engage men, institutions and policymakers. Because when men are involved, non-violent caregivers, it benefits not only women and children, but also men themselves.

MenCare has active campaigns and ongoing activities in over 20 countries on 5 continents.

  • Media - Partners screen MenCare films, adapt MenCare posters, and create their own visuals to start community-wide conversations on positive manhood.
  • Programs - Group education with fathers and couples creates long-term changes in the lives of men, women and children. MenCare provides the resources and support to get started.
  • Advocacy - Partners advocate for policies that create more opportunities for men’s involvement in caregiving, women’s economic empowerment, maternal health, and children’s well-being.

Resources Available

  • Men Care, a global campaign on Fatherhood

    The goal of the Men Care campaign is to engage men as allies in women's health, children's health and their own health. The campaign aims to engage men as fathers and care givers, encouraging them to be connected to their partners and children from the prenatal stage. (1.21 minutes)

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  • Marcio's Story

    A short film about Marcio living in Rio de Janeiro. He always dreamed of becoming a father, determined to become the image of the father he didn't have, and not to do to his child as his father did unto him. Discussing with others helped him overcome his past. (5.59 minutes)

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