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CatholicCare Sandhurst: 24-Hour Cotside Assistance - The Baby Manual For Dads

How do you get dads to overcome the shock of coping with a newborn baby? Give them a model based on what they understand - new car instructions. This useful resource developed by Centacare offers dads an 'instruction manual' for those crucial early days.

24-Hour Cotside Assistance Manual


This booklet has been designed to provide minformation to new fathers about their newborn baby and his/her needs.

Based on a same style of instructions provided for new cars, it can help dads to come to grips quickly with the main things they need to know to start being an active and confident father.

Good Practices For This Resource

This is an ideal resource for providing to fathers at ante-natal sessions or in information packs.  The style of information is very accessible, so fathers can quickly understand what they need to know.

It could also be used in creative ways such as at car exhibitions, field days or festivals where dads are likely to attend.

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