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Osteoporosis Australia: Blokes, Bones and Breaks

Resources developed by Osteoporosis Australia to raise awareness of men and Osteoporosis.


Worldwide approximately one in five men over the age of 50 years will break a bone due to Osteoporosis..

Around 250 000 men in Australia have Osteoporosis, and men account for 30% of all fractures that occur in people over the age of 50. Men generally develop Osteoporosis later than women and most cases go undetected even after a fracture.

More women than men suffer from Osteoporosis and it is a common misconseption that it is a "woman's disease". Millions of men worldwide have it too.


Osteoporosis Australia have developed resources for men about Osteoporosis. These resources contain information about prevention, risk factors, causes and treatment, and provide tips for maintaining healthy bones.

Resources Available


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