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Depression takes an enormous toll on many men and their families. It is often difficult to treat, hard to cope with and impacts on whole communities. Its recognition as an illness is increasing and there are programs that are working to reduce the stigma of this illness.

These resources outline some of the programs available that offer services information on male depression and how services can create better programs for male depression.

Youth Beyond Blue - What Works For Youth Depression?

Youth BeyondBlue: What Works For Depression In Young People?

This useful booklet outlines methods for resolving depression in young people based on a review of literature by Beyond Blue researchers.

COPMI: Family Focus Intervention For Depression

COPMI: Family Focus Intervention For Depression

COPMI has developed this powerful resource on the Family Focus intervention program for guiding families through depression, anxiety and mental illness. Please note that the program requires specific training in order to obtain resources.

University of British Columbia: HeadsUpGuys

The HeadsUpGuys website is a Canadian-developed online resource for men aimed to raise awareness about men's depression. HeadsUpGuys reaches out to men and provides guidance and direction to those living with depression. There are practical tips and advice, information about professional services, answers to common concerns that men may have, success stories and lots more.

NGALA DadsWA Booklet

DadsWA: Hey Dad! Fatherhood For The First 12 Months

Becoming a father can be a challenging time and while most families experience a smooth run, there can be difficulties. This resource provides a guide to the ups and downs of becoming a father.

Post and Ante-Natal Depression Association

PANDA: Resources For Men and Post-Natal Depression

PANDA is the Post and Ante-Natal Depression Association. PANDA offers a set of factsheets and other resources for men to cope with depression in themselves or their partner around having a baby.


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