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Men And Managing Cancer

The Australian Institute Of Health And Welfare estimates that around 20,000 men die every year from cancer in Australia and the treatment of cancer places a heavy burden on the health system on an ongoing basis.

This section outlines resources that are being implemented to raise awareness of cancer prevention and effective engagement of males in actions that hope to reduce deaths from cancer.

Cancer Institute NSW

Cancer Institute NSW: Incidences Of Cancer In Males

The NSW Cancer Institute provides data sources and portals to supply information about the rates of cancer in NSW in males. A male in Australia is 1.5 times more likely to be diagnosed with cancer than a female.

Movember: Prostate Cancer Outcomes Australia Annual Report 2016

The Prostate Cancer Health Outcomes Research Unit (PCHORU), supported by the Movember Foundation, has established and analysed data from the Prostate Cancer Outcomes Registry – Australia and New Zealand to address some of the unmet needs of men with prostate cancer.

Anxiety Disorders And Depression In Men With Testicular Cancer

Beyond Blue: Anxiety Disorders And Depression In Men With Testicular Cancer

This document recognises that some men with testicular cancer will experience ongoing anxiety and depression, and that managing these states is an important part of the journey towards healing.

PCFA: Prostate Cancer Foundation Ambassador Program

PCFA: Prostate Cancer Foundation Ambassador Program

The PCFA Ambassador Program’s objective is to raise community awareness of prostate cancer and to provide resources for individuals to learn more. Ambassador presentations are delivered by trained people, many of whom have first-hand experience of prostate cancer. Around 3,300 men a year die from prostate cancer in Australia.

The Early Detection of Prostate Cancer In General Practice

Andrology Australia: Early Detection of Prostate Cancer Guide

This resource has been developed for General Practitioners to assist with the early detection of prostate cancer in a way that encourages discussion with male patients.

Prostate Cancer Foundation Australia

PCFA: Community Attitudes Survey To Prostate Cancer

Community awareness of prostate cancer has increased markedly in the last ten years. This offers some useful insights into men's and women's perspectives on prostate cancer.

Prostate Cancer: The Next Generation

Prostate Cancer: The Next Generation

Traditionally, many men have not been proactive about their prostate health. They have seen prostate cancer as a disease that old men die with, not of. Unfortunately, the statistics tell a very different story.

Leeds Metropolitan University

Centre For Men's Health Leeds: A Review Of Barriers In Male Lung Cancer Screening

Published in the Journal Of Men's Health in May 2011, this reviewed strategies to engage men in lung cancer screening.

Prostate Cancer Booklets

Andrology Australia: Local and Advanced Prostate Cancer - A Guide For Men And Their Families

This resource has been produced to provide men with advanced prostate cancer an in-depth guide to its treatment and management.

Men's Health Forum: Men & Cancer - Saving Lives Expert Report

This report is a summary of the presentations and debate at the Men and Cancer Expert Roundtable in January, 2013, King's Fund, London, UK. Men are over 35% more likely to die from cancer than women in the UK. This difference is even more evident when breast cancer and sex-specific cancers such as prostate and ovarian are removed from the analysis – men were then 67% more likely to die from cancer.

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